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Dolph Calls out the GM

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Dolph Calls out the GM Empty Dolph Calls out the GM

Post  screwicide on Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:47 am

Ziggler's music hits

Dolph walks out onto the ramp slowly with a dark blue hoodie on, pulled up over his head, his eyes barely visible as he looks across the crowd with an emotionless stare. Dressed in his ring gear he begins to walk slowly towards the ring looking to both the right and left side of the arena at the booing fans. Undeturred by they're reaction he reaches the edge of the ring apron. He takes one more look to his sides and places a hand on the middle rope and pulls himself up onto a bended knee on the apron. He slips between the ropes and walks to the corner apron near the announcers table. His hand grasps the ring ropes as he sits himself atop the the trunbuckle facing the middle of the ring. He signals to his left for a mic. One is promptly brought to him. He holds the mic with both hands as he takes another look at the packed stadium that is deafening. He runs his left hand through his hair slowly bringing down the hood. He raises the mic to his lips and begins to speak.

Ziggler: So this is NGW?

The crowd begins to cheer

Ziggler: As I was arriving at the arena today I realized that there is not a single superstar in this building that is worth my time. This is supposed to be where the best of the best come to wrestle right?

The crowd begins to cheer once more

I haven't seen a single superstar here that is fit to lace up one of my boots let alone step inside this ring with me. Randy Orton......The Viper....The only way he even made it in this buisness was on the heels of his father cowboy bob orton who was a JOKE! I mean come on Randy! You gonna come out to the ring with a cast on your arm and knock me out just like good Ol' daddy? Maybe those voices should tell you to retire, when was the last time you were relevant? Just like your father, everyone has forgotten about you. Ryback! Now theres a main eventer, a man with five whole moves in his arsenal. You may be big, you may be strong, but I have brains which you severely lack. I mean do you even know how to count to three? You say Feed me more, why should I feed you more? Anytime you've been in the big one all you have ever done is choke. Oh and let us not forget the best in the world.....thats right.....C.M. Punk. I dont have to go around yelling im the best in the world because these people already know it!

The arena erupts into boo's

That's right, go on boo me, but you know every time I step in this ring I get the job DONE! Management needs to just come on out and hand me the title. Seriously I'll wait.

Dolph rests the mic in his lap and begins to wait as the crowd begins to grow impatient and the boo's begin to get louder

Everyone waits to find out who the new GM of Warzone is as nothing has been announced. The arena goes in complete darkness and Mr McMahons theme hits. He walks down to the stage and looks at Dolph Ziggler.

Vince McMahon:
Got a whole new look their have you? Well it is a bit better than your old look. Now let me get on topic, you think that as soon as you walk through our doors and down the ramp then trash talk our fans you get a title shot? Well guess what, thats not how it works here. Things here work like this, next week on Warzone there will be a ladder match with two superstars in it. This match will be for the NGW World Championship. How will we find out the superstars that will compete in this? It's bloody simple, we will have CM Punk vs Randy Orton and Ryback vs you Ziggler an the two winners will compete for the NGW World Championship in the ladder match. Good luck.

Vince McMahons's theme hits as he makes his way backstage.

Ziggler hops down from his seat on the turnbuckle and tosses the mic out of the ring as he kicks the bottom rope. He then begins to calm down as he leans back agains the turnbuckle with a faint grin upon his face as the show goes to commercial break.

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