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Dolph speaks about Orton and Ryback and The New GM

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Dolph speaks about Orton and Ryback and The New GM

Post  screwicide on Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:57 am

The camera fades into the locker room door as it slowly begins to open. Dolph is seen putting his gear in his locker as a rookie interviewer approaches him with a mic.

Interviewer: Dolph, what is your reaction to the general managers decision to place you in a match against Ryback to determine a number one contender for the NGW title?

Dolph continues to pack his gear into the locker as he blantly ignores the questioning.

Interviewer: Dolph, The fans would like to get a response from you?

Dolph stops dead in his tracks as he places a hand on his locker and hangs his head down. Slowly he raises his head back up and walks slowly into the young interviewers face. The young rookie visibly intimidated. Dolph straightens the rookies tie, and then grabs his hand with the mic in it aggressively and pulls it up to his mouth.

Dolph: You want to know what I think about what Vince has decided? You think these fans deserve a response? You walk back to Ryback's locker room, you tell him that by the end of our match, me, Dolph Ziggler will leave him layed out in the middle of the ring....that I guarantee. Ryback is a fad, people will forget about him a month from now. What accomplishments does he have huh?

Dolph's grip becomes tighter on the mic as his other hand grips the rookies tie as the poor interviewers face begins to turn read.

Dolph: I AM THE BEST WRESTLER THIS COMPANY HAS! My accomplishments are well documented. All he has ever done, is beaten a bunch of no bodies with less ring time than YOU!

Dolph loosens his grip on the rookie, straightening his tie and suit jacket. He dusts off the shoulders and pats him on the cheek.

Dolph: As for Randy Orton......I hope, no I pray, that he wins his match against C.M. Punk. because then, he has to face an actual challenge. One of which he can not win. I am the superior wrestler. Im better in every way. I mean....Look at me, I'm in peak physical condition, I've got more talent than this whole roster combined. He say's he's pissed off. He hasn't seen anything yet. So Randy this is to you and I hope your listening. I give you my word, hell, I will guarantee to this whole pathetic crowd and the people in the back. That by the time the NGW title is decided.....You will know and respect the name of Dolph Ziggler. Now you have a good day.

Interviewer: Thank you Dolph for those words, let's send it back too....

As the rookie interviewer turns back to face the camera with his closing words his head is jolted forward into the camera by a vicious forearm to the back of the head by Ziggler. The rookie begins to collapse in front of the camera man grabbing at his waist to find some handle as to not fall over. Ziggler grabs the rookie by the back of the hair and slowly pulls him back to his feet. He leans into the rookies ear.

Dolph: Give this message to Orton will you?

Dolph then drives the rookies head into his open locker, as the rookie slumps over head and neck inside the locker.

Dolph: Tell him to park that ambulance close, he's gonna need it.

And with a sickening thud Dolph kicks the locker door shut on the head and neck of the rookie interviewer, who now lays motionless on the floor. Dolph gives a smirk to the camera.

Dolph: Oh, and Vince.....when I do inevitably win the NGW title...Your going to walk down to that ring and present it to me yourself. Now get out of my way!

Dolph face palms the camera man to the ground as the camera thuds and faces crooked towards the downed rookie interviewer as Dolph's boots are seen walking past and out the door as the camera cuts off with static and then to black

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