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NGW Rules

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NGW Rules   Empty NGW Rules

Post  #Dashing on Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:45 am

Match Rules

1.I don't want to hear about complete spammers who just pick up their opponet and go for the running grapple every move. Actually get some action in there, as if it were a real match.

2. Obviously no glitches or hacks

3. In tag team matches do not go over and fight the other member of the team. Just play a match as it were to on the apron if you're not the legal man. However, if the other team is about to get the pin then you can try to break it up, but the other man has permission to hit you.

4. After a match is over have one or both of you give the results to me. You just tell me who won and how the match went. If it was dominated, back and forth, and how it ended. Just the simple stuff and I will either re-write the entire match card and include RolePlays, or I will possibly record the entire card depending on a variety of things.

5. Just have fun with it. Keep the match clean and fair. Don't go for a pin every move from the start of the match. Get to know the other users and have some fun.

6. You must stay active or will be fired or you will be stripped of a superstar.

7. Do not want any trash talking in chat we are all friends, in other leagues you might notice there is one particular person being hated on that is not accepted here.

8. Do not ask for title shots earn them or you will not be given one.

9. You MUST make at least one promo for each Superstar a week.

Submission Rule.

1. You must hit 2 finishers before you can win by a Submission finisher.

Tag team match rules

1. All of the rules from above apply.

2. Don't taunt outside while your partner is the legal man. It gives him an unfair momentum boost.

3. Don't go into the ring randomly to attack your oponnent. Only go in when breaking up a pin or submission or when preventing your oponnent from breaking it. DON'T go to the ring until the pin or submission is in effect.

4. Hot tags are limited to 2 tries per team

Manager rules:
1. When the ref is down managers are allowed to throw weapons into the ring but they are NOT allowed to attack at all.

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